XC10 POWER CONTROL input consumption

Adolfo 4 years ago in Expansion modules / XC10 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 3

Can I know the XC10 POWER CONTROL input consumption or input resistance?

I cannot find this data in the iqan-xc10_uk_instructionbook 2016...

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Thanks for your fast reply…

I am sorry, but I looked at this page before but I only can find the DIN-A to DIN-Z input resistance.

But not for POWER CONTROL C1:11 pin.


You are right, the value is missing for the power control input pin. 

It is 2.7 kOhm pull-down (same as DIN-A)

Not sure if the question was related to using the power control as a feature? In that case it is relevant to know the logic supply is < 100 uA when power control pin is low. (that value is not printed in the XC10 instruction book where it is assumed the expansion is powered up when the master module is, but it can be found in the manual for CM3620

Note that the XC10 is not the most modern module, the XC10 is not recommended for new design.