MD4-10 - Axis Video Encoder M7011 -MJPEG link for 4.07

Damir Pinezić 4 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 7

Hi all,

I have read all forum topics which include connecting IP camera to the Parker MD4, and try almost every combination of URL and still didn't found the right one.

Does anyone knows what URL should I use and maybe why I could not get stream from this Axis Video Encoder(M7011), it states in datasheet it suppports MJPEG and with VLC I can connect and stream rtsp but when I check in VLC stream info it sjhows that it uses MPEG4.

1. I have set right ip addressa and subnet mask 192.168.128.xxx/

2. I have enable anonymous access on Video encoder

3. use every possible link I could found (axis-media/media.amp, axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi, mjpg/video.mjpg)

Is it possible that this video encoder does not support MJPEG even if it states this in documentation?

Does anyone have experience with this video encoder model?




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Hi Damir, I also have tried the M7011 and agree it is impossible to get the video feed on the MD4. Strangely enough, I have no problem with the M7104 or the Q7401 encoders, they both work very well. I has to be something different in the way the video output boundaries are defined.

Haven't used that specific video encoder from Axis, but my recommendation would be to try with IQANdesign 5.06 or later. In 5.06 we solved an issue with streaming RTSP that occurred on some video encoders, there was problems with at least one model from Axis. See https://forum.iqan.se/communities/1/topics/2233-md4-axis-p7214-encoder#

Thank you all for answers I have also open support ticket at AXIS tech support.

Gustav, I have seen this post, after I have bought everything :(

The biggest problem right now is that I can't use IQAN 5.0 because we didn't buy it (can we buy it somehow?) 

and I can't use IQAN 6.0 because our biggest customer still uses XA2, XS2...  on this project we are stuck with this units. 

Cheapest solution would be to do something on AXIS side, maybe  to go with M7104...

We are planing to migrate to version 6 on next project and XC4x modules.

You can purchase an up-to-date license of IQANdesign using this link: 


On that page, there is a link where you can enter an existing IQAN Creative Studio license to get a discount on the upgrade. 

Download IQANdesign here



ok, I have bought subscription with our old code for studio, install version 6.02 and 5.07!

Now video feed is working!

Thank you fro help.