I would recommend checking the actual resistance of the address tag on the terminals in the connector. We have recently had a problem with a couple of address tags where the wires have broken free from the resistor inside the tag moulding. If there is twisting of the wire on the tag it is possibly the problem. Here are the resistance values:


I felt the same and tried with different ID Tags (0, 2, 3). But none of them fixed the problem. I checked the harness continuity and ID tag resistance and they are fine. Any other issue you see other than ID Tags with the LED working way.

Thank you.

One thing to consider is that the ID tag sources from the +5v supply so it might be a good idea to check the sensors or other loads connected to the +5v supply to see if there is too much load causing less than 5v supply.

Also check there are no "back-feeds" from external sources connected to your outputs, this will prevent the application from starting and cause some strange errors.

You can try starting the module in safe mode by either removing the ID tag or short circuit between pins 4 and 20.