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How is the performance proportional pressure control devices, such as a Parker RE06 without on board electronics, using Parker MC4* current output channel? The Parker industrial driver, PCD, uses a 10kHz PWM frequency to drive an RE06 coil. The Parker MC4* has a current output PWM frequency limit of 500 Hz. I have driven an RE06 coil using Iqan products in the past without noticeable performance issues, but wanted to see if others have done the same.


The application for controlling the eP2 pump is an IQAN-MC41, Ii think that is a good example of driving Parker RE06 for its pressure control.

(see link in this post for some more information on the eP2 application)

What does"venorn" in the topic title mean?

The literature reflects D1FB as the valve used for pump control. Are the coils the same? What frequency is the PWM signal for the current output channel?

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Some clarification:

WIth the eP2 pump, a single coil D1FB valve is used to control the swashplate angle and the pressure cutoff. We do NOT use an RE06-type of valve to achieve pressure compensation.

On the PV-pump, a hyrdromechanical pressure compensator can be mounted, piloted with an RE06 valve.............this works fine with IQAN. I would recommend a PWM frequency as high as possible, at least 300 Hz. 

Check the coil on the RE06 valve (without ONboard electronics)..............check if the IQAN module can deliver enough current........