How to calculate speed of a BLDC motor with quadrature encoder

Vignesh Namasivayam 3 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated 3 years ago 2

Hello all, 

I am trying to do speed control of a BLDC motor with a Parker MD4. I have a quadrature encoder for the motor and would like to know how to calculate the speed for the motor using the IQAN Design software. I can calculate the position of the motor from the sensor, but to estimate the speed in rpm, I need to perform differentiation of the position data. I wanted to know if there is a channel/library/block that will give speed outputs or will do differentiation? Or should I write my own Qcode for differentiation?. 


Derivative function is accessible in the object list (Math object, Other submenu) and in the QCode.

By the way, in the help file in the object list section, these functions are indicated by math symbols (the search only finds a mention in the QCode section):

Yes I see it now. Thanks for the help!