Sluggish touch response MD4-5

Kevin 1 year ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 weeks ago 4

MD4-5 M19 version, having issues with the touch panel. Noticed that the problem is more pronounced when using smaller buttons on screen. By using larger touch buttons the issue seems to be improved but not perfect. The screen responds to the press (it goes orange) but does not actually process the command to exit the screen. Seems very temperamental. Is there a built in delay to prevent button bounce that could be causing this phenomenon? We also tried without the screen protector and had similar issues. I tried without filming and was pressing the screen very firmly and around 6 times before it would register the button press (sometimes it went orange and did nothing, other times it did not even change colour).


IQAN Design 5.06.

Did you try IQAN Design 6.06?

There is  bug fix for:

54679MD4-5-M19 touch button latching on
Could happen in some cases. Fixed.

Maybe it is related to your problem.

The 6.06 update solves a issue where the MD4-5-M19 touch buttons could latch on, I recommend upgrading to this version. 

But also with the 6.06 update, we have seen that the MD4-5-M19 touch is not as responsive as the previous version, the MD4-7 or the MD4-10.

One factor that could influence the responsiveness on the MD4-5-M19 is the application cycle time and cycle utilization. 

We have also noticed this issue. We have a cycle time of 50ms and version of iqan design, so the problem is still actuall

Another factor for the MD4-5-M19 that influence the responsiveness is the size of buttons. 

The MD4-7 and -10 have better precision, on the MD4-5-M19 the combination of button size and touch input precision can make it hard to hit the touch button.

With version 6.08 this is improved by increasing the touch zone for the smallest buttons, see Release notes - IQANdesign 6

55482MD4: increase minimum touch zone for symbol buttons
Symbol buttons on display pages and in menu system now have a touch area slightly larger than the button.
This is especially useful on MD4-5-M19, where touch precision has been a problem.

This update is only for the symbol buttons and round buttons in the menu system. 

If the application display page uses custom buttons, then an idea to try can be to increase the button size and thus the touch zone with a larger transparent area.