view angle MD4 with part number 20085164

Laura 3 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 1

The view angle of the MD4-5 with part number 20085164 is a -70” till 70” view angle.

But in the upper angle about 25”-60”  the display is not clear or readable. We have mounted the display vertically, and because of different heights the option flip is for us not a solution. 

When we sent an application to the display the blue screen is clear, no read problems, how is this possible.

We are really dissappointed about the touch screen changes of the MD4-5 between the 20085164 and the older 200777773

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One way to improve readability on MD4-5-M19 when viewing the display at an angle is to change from the default font to one that has slightly bolder characters. 

Another improvement (that I like also on the 7 and 10 inch versions that have much better displays) is to change the colors. Instead of using the default, white text with black background, I prefer white background and black text. 

I think these factors explain why the MD4 console text that shows during SW update is easier to read than e.g. message popups when using default font and colors.