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MC31 I/O strange behaviour

Frederick Prigge 9 years ago in Master modules / MC3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 years ago 5
I have a MC31 setup than is behaving unexpectedly. Some I/Os seem wrongly mapped in the software. When I toggle Dout J, the pin C1:17 does not change state, but outputs F-G-H-I seem to work normaly.

Also, reference A (on pins pins C2:1 and C2:2) is not providing 5V (in fact, I see 0V between those pins). Any analog sensor connected to this ref is obviously not working.

This is using SW

Please advise.
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The error description of the DOUT sounds as if this DOUT has been damaged, except for the part where you say that it seems to be an issue with the I/O mapping.
What do you have connected on DOUT-J?

For the problem with the VREF, does that error continue to shwo if you disconnect connector C2? Most cases of VREF errors are due to the VREF being overloaded or shorted.
Hi Gustav, I no longer have the vehicle for testing! Darn! It will only be back in a couple of weeks.

What made me think of an I/O mapping error is that with SW w/3.15 on the MC31, inputs were all wrong. When I physically toggled some pins, the effect was shown on other pins in the software!

As far as overloading the vrefs, woulded the display pop-up some sort of a dialog box?

Thanks again for your great help and fantastic product!
That sounds really strange. When you had the input mapping problem, are you sure you did not relocate the inputs in the block diagram and started measuring without first sending the updated application to the MC31? 

Yes, a VREF error on the MC31 should show up as a popup on the IQAN-MDx, if you have a master display in the system and they are connected on the Diagnostics bus. You should also be able to see this error if measuring in IQANrun or IQANdesign.
I am 100% sure that the code running in the MC31 and the code in IQAN design was the same when I had the weird discrepancy between physical inputs and software view in measure mode. When I updated to 3.16, re-sent the project, the issue went away.

I am measuring and programming via the Ethernet port of an MD4-7. BTW, the "gateway" function to program all masters on the system is great!

So as for the VREF error, no, I do not see a message on the MD4. Would it show even if the error is present at boot time? Is the MC31 broadcasting this error to the displays constantly or could it have been "missed" because the display boot time is longer?
Hi Frederick,
For the problem with the VREF on the MC3 not showing on the MD4, the VREF error may not have been seen as a popup on the MD4 if it was present at boot-up, if you were using 3.15 or earlier. This was solved in IQANdesign version 3.16
24023 MD4 do not show errors from other master modules on startup
Could happen if another master module sends out error messages before the MD4 GUI is up and running. Fixed.

For the isseue with the MC31 block diagram mapping, it would have made sense if you downloaded, then rearranged the block diagram and started measuring without sending. This because measuring works based on channel ID:s, and they don't change when rearranging. But it sounds as if this was not the case here.
When you had the issue on version 3.15, I assume this was not a beta but the relesed version 3.15.16?

Glad you like the MD4 routing function!