MD4 - Updated List of tested, functional IP cameras

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Is there a running list of IP cameras that have been tested for operation with the MD4 that have worked successfully?
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I too would like to know if anyone has any further information?
We do not currently maintain a list of cameras. But I can give some hints on what is required from the camera in order to work with the MD4.

The MD4 supports MJPEG (Motion JPEG) video streams. The stream can be received using HTTP protocol or RTSP/RTP protocol. So the camera must support MJPEG over either HTTP or RTSP/RTP. Currently we do not support H.264 encoding.

One of the tricky parts when testing a new camera is to find the URL where the video stream is available. In the IQANdesign user manual there are examples that works with Axis cameras and video encoders:


RTSP URL: rtsp://

For other cameras the URL is sometimes stated in the user manual. Another source of information is the following web site which contains a database of IP cameras and the URL they are using: http://www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx.

More information on how to setup an Axis camera can be found here: http://forum.iqan.se/topic/513034-axis-camera-setup-with-iqan/. The process is similar with other cameras.

Is there any update with H.264 support?

Have someone tested another cameras than Parker SV?

Late reply, but that might help others.

I was able to connect with an IP surveillance CAM. (ex: Lorex or FLIR or other ONVIF cams). In your proprietary cam config page, just create a dedicated "substream" configured to output a MJPEG stream. Then, find the right RTSP URL format for your camera type (you will need to ensure it points to the low res MJPEG substream, not the main full resolution H.264 stream). IQAN display also needs this stream to match the resolution you choose while programming the display, so make sure everything is the same size. (even if the video widget is larger than your physical screen, it's ok. As long as the widget pixel size matches the MJPEG stream from the IP camera).

Have fun.

A reference to this old post popped up in another discussion. 

Worth commenting on here is that the original answer is 8 years old, and relates to IQANdesign version 3. 

Since version 4, IQANdesign supports two types of camera modules, the IQAN-SV camera and the generic camera for other brands of cameras. The generic camera module in IQANdesign support MJPEG over RTSP/RTP.