Gateway Baudrate Configuration within IQAN (j1939)

Seneca 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated by Hector Rodriguez 2 years ago 3
In our application, we are using a Parker Gateway (4G PSVG-IQAN) to talk with a standard J1939 CAN bus.
On some vehicles, this ends up being a 500k CAN bus. By default, the device supports 250k J1939.
We then have to then keep track of this difference, per vehicle, and if we ever send a service part, I have to know in advance and spend more manual effort to have the gateway updated before it gets plugged in.
Is there a way to make an improvement to the current "Ask Parker for Firmware update" process that is not self-service??
Best Possible Solution: Have the gateway be auto-baud rate and not send any data packets on J1939 until it listens for the bus speed... i.e. it will then support 250k/500k without user configuration.
Alternative Solution: Have the gateway with a software-configurable j1939 baudrate which is a configuration parameter that can be set within the IQAN environment... I still would have to keep track, but at least I could be in control of the change-over and not dependent on an OTA update from Parker directly.
Anyone else with this challenge?
We would gladly pay to have this feature developed in a timely manner.

To me, the idea with auto-baud on the second bus on the PVSG sounds like the better option. Less complex as only the gateway firmware needs the feature. 

Hi Seneca, these are really good recommendations. Today we default our gateway to 250Kbps, we can OTA update the gateway and configure as 500kbps - We are also working to add this functionality in our portal for customers to configure their own baud rates for each gateway. I will pass the auto-detect option idea to our team, that seems very optimal. If you need to update any of your gateways send email to phsupport@parker.com and one of our technical agents will help you OTA the 500kbps baud rate configuration. Make sure you ask for Baud Rate update and list the master tag IDs . You can find the Master Tag IDs in the Asset list of our portal.