GT portail and agreement

Adrien Léauté 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated by Jos Lentfert 2 years ago 1


We are a Parker Store looking to test drive a GT (IoT) on one of our machine we resale (Forestry Equipment)

I notice there is a trial version for 6 month and that will be perfect to run the test (Part#165341)

Image 3015

I open the portail link and it ask for a password (Login), is that Login the same as PHConnect or do we get a Login following our purchase on PHConnect?

Image 3016

Also it says a set up need to be perform for each Gateway (Master Tag) and it require a special agreement. Can this agreement be set with local Parker sales or how does it work?

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Thanks for the interest.

Before you can Login and use the Parker IoT portal you need to contact your local Parker representative. They will guide you through the process of signing the mandatory IoT and SaaS agreement, and setting up your main organisation account. 

From then on you can in simple way self-service your account (Organisation & Sub-organisations), manage assets (Gateway's on machines) and templates.

Your local Parker representative can help you.