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I am a mechatronics engineer working for a company manufacturing service trucks and grease pump systems used in the mining industry in Australia. My role is writing the IQAN software as well as testing and commissioning the finished machines. We have an IQAN system (MD4-7 + XC41) installed on a grease pump system with a Parker Modem (PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M3W1U1) for telemetry. We have installed this modem and have even placed orders for more through our local Parker rep with the understanding that it has WiFi capability, however I cannot get this to work and it only seems to acquire an internet connection on 4G. Specifically, I cannot sign into the WiFi client tool even though I have administrator rights on parkermobileiot.com (I have no problem logging in and have set up the users. templates and widgets and receiving data without problems over 4G). The mine sites where we are testing this out next week all use WiFi and feedback from our sales rep suggests WiFi meshes are a general trend for all sites in Australia where 4G access is limited or not available. Ideally, I would like WiFi to be working by next week so we can demonstrate our device - is this possible? If not, when can I expect WiFi to be working with these modems?

Look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

I think it should be possible, there is a knowledge base article on this exact topic in the IoT section of the Parker community forum: https://community.parker.com/technologies/iot/off-road-mobile/w/off-road-mobile-knowledge-base/2729/wi-fi-client

Hi Gustav,

Thanks for your response. The link provided does not work - it goes to a “Page Not Found”. I have attempted to follow the instructions here https://parkeriot.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PMI/pages/855244911/WiFi+Client+for+Enterprise however to no avail - the client.exe does not allow me to log in, even though I have admin privileges. Are there better sources of information and a working client.exe available?

Thanks in advance.

Strange, the link I posted should have taken you to a login page if you were not signed in. You could try navigating to the same place via this link: https://community.parker.com/technologies/iot/off-road-mobile/w/off-road-mobile-knowledge-base

(also requires a login)

Hi Gustav,

Thanks again for trying but I still see a “page not found”. If you could somehow resolve this so I can access this information that would be brilliant, thanks.