Using Current Out as 4-20 ma signal for VFD

Barnhart Crane 2 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

Are the current out channels on an MC43 suitable for dishing out a 4-20 ma signal? It would be controlling a VFD.

I know the current out channels are typically used to control valves and used in the hundreds of milliamp range. 

From the instruction book fore the MC43:

Output range 100 to 2500 mA


When using the Parker AC30 VFD with Can-Open module you can easily control the VFD by IQAN.over CAN bus. 
For Parker GVI Mobile Inverters both J-1939 and CAN open are use able, there is IQAN Extended Function for communication with Parker GVI Inverters available for easy and simply installation and control. 

When need to control VFD's  or other equipment with IQAN by analog outputs (0-10 V or 1-20 mA) you can use third party convertor modules CAN to Analog outputs instead, see other posts in the IQANForum