XC-43 Modules Leakage Current/Voltage

Jamy 2 years ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

The Leakage Current/Voltage from the Digital Outs make it difficult to control LED's and Audible Devices without using a relay/resistor/other.  The Leakage Current/Voltage is also making it difficult if the Digital Outs are read by other electronic devices (off is not off).  How does Parker recommend interfacing with these devices using the new XC-43/series modules? Adding external devices to these circuits is making the XC-43 modules not very convenient.

The easiest is probably to use the low-side outputs designed for controlling small loads like indicator LED:s

For interfacing to other electronic controllers, you could use the same type of low side output to an input will pull-up. 

(but I always prefer CAN if that is available)