M4 Safe Mode

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Does anyone know if its possible to do a safe mode boot up of an MD4 Scrren.

I have a customer who attempted to move the location of an MD4 and in rewiring has got the wiring wrong! The screen will not now complete its boot up cycle and the diagnostics bus is not available to try to interrogate the machine.

There seems to be a tiny recessed red button alongside one of the screws on the rear of the screen - is this a safe mode button?
I need more information
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When no ID-Tag is installed, the MD4 will start in safe mode.
The small recessed "red button" is an inspection hole to see that the rubber seal is installed during production.
is there a means of booting the screen up in safe mode?
Currently it appears that this error on our customers part has not only destroyed this screen but also another MD4 and also possibly 3 off J1939 linear sensors.
We believe that the customer has probably connected 24vDC with a 10Amp fuse to one of the CAN bus connections - it appears to have damaged the first MD4 Screen so that it will not complete the boot up process (It stops with the parker logo visible and with no network communications available through the ethernet port).
The second second screen was connected to the first by the diagnostics bus and the master bus. This screen will boot up completely and communications over ethernet are possible but when we interrogate the logs, it appears that after the error was made, this screen can no longer see other nodes on the expansion bus which were previously OK.

I belive the original questions has been answered but I will elaborate since the instruction book is a bit short in this subject. The MD4 enters safe mode if it is powered up without any ID-Tag connected. The screen will display a system message saying "Safe mode! Application not loaded system"
When started in safe mode, no application is loaded and nothing is running. In safe mode you can then upload a new application to the MD4.
Regarding your system error it is tricky to guess what could be the problem. A closer look at the wiring schematic would be needed to see if the expansion bus on the still working MD4 is connected to the malfunctioning MD4 somehow.