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MD4-7 re-boot can't handshake

hongxiang yu 2 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 3

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    The situation happened after flashing software for MD4-7.   I can't link to MD4-7 via CAN or Ethernet now that means i can't flash software again.  The system still appears images but it will enter blue screen state like photo if i sent some commands to MD4 by any CAN channels.  I try to shortly connect address PIN to enter safety mode but seems no influences.   Who has any suggestions for me to solve this issue ?  How to re-flash software MD-7 ?

To bypass the application, remove the IdTag and power up the MD4. 

Alternatively, you could also short the IdTag and then power up the MD4. 

Thanks a lot.  The problem has been fixed by your suggestions.  But i still confused what was causing it.  The problem just happened after some images of software were replaced by different size images.

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Good to hear you managed to recover by powering up without the IdTag. 

It sounds strange that a change of images would cause this. Do you have any warnings on images or display pages in the IQANdesign project check?