Analog Input - Temperature Sensor

Metalfor 9 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 3
Hello I'm new here in the forum and I'm already gathering information to take new designs decisions.
The question is if any of you have used a temperature sensor in the analog input of a MD4-7? Was it PTC or NTC? Because in pdf only talks about connect a PTC sensor with a pull-up resistor. Kind regards. Diego.
Hello Diego.

The difference between a PTC and NTC sensor is how they behave when the temperature changes.
On a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) the resistance increases with increasing temperature.
On a NTC (negative temperature coefficient) the resistance decreases with increasing temperature.

Hello Thomas. I´ve already know about the signal behavior of resistances with different coefficient. The question is if have you ever used PTC/NTC sensors in the analogic input of a MD4?.

Old post, but see this topic for a discussion on reading 2-wire sensors on VIN using a pull-up