MD4 Display Controller Certification

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Our company is using the MD4 Parker Display for the logic of the exterior lights system on a electrical vehicle. We are currently in the process of certifying the system for the FMVSS 108. In said certification, there is a minimum amount of cycles that the lighting system has to respect. Usually however, the system contains a module that does the logic and in our case that logic is in IQAN. So is there an equivalent for the MD4 module, like the MTBF(minimal time before failure) for example, to prove that the exterior lighting system can support 175,000 cycles. 

Thanks for your help.

We have not made any MTBF calculation for the MD4. 

I must say I am a little confused about how this could relate to number of cycles. 

In safety calculations for machinery, I am used to seeing reliability data as mean-time to failure for components that are not directly affected by cycling, and B10 values for components that are affected by cycling, e.g. mechanical switches and relays. 

In these calculations, one can go from B10 to MTTF by knowing how frequently a mechanical component is used in the application. 

I had a quick look at the FMVSS 108, I might be misunderstanding it but I only see the value 175, 000 cycles for "turn-signal operator unit". 

Hello Gustav,

First, I'd like to thank you for answering my question and I'd like to apologize for any confusion. 

You are correct in saying that the FMVSS 108 mentions only the 175 000 cycles for ''turn-signal operator unit''. Usually, the turning operator unit is a component that deals with the logic of the turning lights (the frequency at which the lights flash, the hazard activation). This turning operator unit is certified FMVSS 108 for 175,000 cycles. However, in our case, the control, logic and activation of the turn-signal and hazard are done through IQAN on the MD4-10 Parker module. So, to be able to pass the FMVSS 108 certification for the turn-signal, our system (IQAN/MD4-10) needs a certain proof that our system is an equivalence for the ''turn-signal operator unit''.

The MTBF was something that we thought might get us an equivalence for the cycles needed. If you have knowledge on the certifications of IQAN/MD4-10 that could help us for the turning signal of the FMVSS 108, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards.

The only recommendation I can think of is to make it clear to whoever it is that needs to approve this that MD4 does not have any moving parts, so it is not subject to wear from mechanical cycling.