Installation Instruction IQAN GT-Modem

Andy Pauly 2 years ago in Gateways / GT updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

I just designing the new CANBUS architecture from a construction machine. A IQAN GT Modem is an option. Where do I find the installation instruction? I cannot find any think with a internet search.  Is  PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M2W1U1   the same as IQAN-GT-Modem?????

Could you at the PDF-hyperlink to IQANdesign please. Thanks


Yes, PSVG-IQAN-C2E1M2W1U1 is the current modem that supports GT functionality in IQANdesign. 

There is a new modem planned that will be fully compatible.