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Freeze of the touch screen on MD4

AxelC 9 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago 9

We are using an MD3 and MD4 as screen on our system.
They print the same info from one CAN BUS

They are on the same system than a generator quite noisy, and when the generator start we loose the touch on the MD4, only the touch.

  • The screen still work good
  • the Md3 act normal

Did any body experiment the same kind of issue?

I don't have a scope on site I am investigating right now on the issue. I will try to
Power supply the MD4 from an other power source
Isolate the power suply if it doesn't work
I will try to add a capasitor if I have time.

Under review
That is very interesting.
What model of IQAN-MD4 is it, is this the MD4-7 or the MD4-5?
What software version are you using on the MD4? (paramters in the firmware for the touch driver affects its sensitivity for responding to touch events)
It is a MD4-7
I don't know the firmware version, I program it usint IQAN
For now we correct the issue by usind a DC/DC isolated converter between our generator and the system.

I am in holidays right now,, i will check more on my come back.
Thanks for the infromation update, knowing that it is MD4-7 loaded from IQANdesign 3.15.16 gives us the information about the firmware for the touchdriver.
Hi Axel,
I checked, and my question about version was not that relevant, the settings for the touchdriver has not changed with any IQANdesign SW version.
Do you have any indication of how much noise you get from this generator?
The IQAN-MD4 is tested for electrical transient conducted along supplylines using ISO 7637-2, level 3.
I din't have any chance to investigate more, i keep you informed when I will have more info
After some Investigation, adding choke around the wire corrected the problems.
On our CAN and power supply cables.

So the problem is solved for now.

Sir I m facing a same issue in my equipment's MD4 Display. Can u please help me out that how to put/Add choke. 

I am also very frustrating. 

Thanks for the feedback, it seems to indicate the problem was caused by transients on the power supply that were beyond the levels we test for.