G2 modem use differen countries

Kerim 9 years ago in Gateways / G2/G3 updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 1
We have g2 modem order from abroad. we have setting the g2 modem and G2 modem worked smoothly.Modem did not work after a few months. we learned that the reason: you must register modem imei number the BTK in Turkey. its want to government. it was now registration and works fine.
Now , we would like to use g2 modem in Denmark. Has Denmark anyone ever been used g2 modem?
Is the problem becomes Denmark?

BTK:government agencie
Thanks you
Interesting. I did some quick checking about that rule, and I believe that the rule that you must register the IMEI within a certain time period is specific Turkish legislation. Some info (about normal cell phones for personal use) here:

I have never heard of this being an issue in any other European country.