Any technical reason for using both +BATT pins on MC43?

Kevin 2 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 1

We have specified an MC43 over the lesser modules in the range because of the additional inputs we need to monitor in the controller. We are not using any outputs on the module therefore current draw is minimal.

Is the only reason there is a second power supply pin (+BATT) to drive the additional outputs that can be configured on the MC43? Because we are not using any outputs (therefore current draw is hardly anything) can we connect only one of the +BATT pin to the supply, is there any technical reason why this cannot be done? I don't have a module to hand but I assume they are internally connected? is there a current limit on the module outputs if we only connect one pin?

I have had a look through the manual, the diagram on page 58 suggests we need to connect both pins on MC43 module only.


The extra +BAT pin on MC43/XC43/XC44 is there to handle the current draw if you have a lot of external grounded loads, Digital out HS or PWM out HS. 

The two +BAT pins are internally connected.