MC3 DOUT leakage current

Kerim 9 years ago in Master modules / MC3 updated by chuck streb 1 month ago 2
we connect MC3 to LED working lamp with DOUT channel.

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we connect MC3 to LED working lamp with DOUT channel. The Lamb current consumption is about 750mA. when its turn on.
The Lamb turn on its fine no problem. but it works very lackluster When turn of the light. You can see photo on the bottom of the description.
Now, Turn off the lights. So on the photo left lamp connect the C4 DOUT, right lamp connect the C1 DOUT.
these problem are just C4 but C1 DOUT works fine. What causes it?
Thank you.

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Hi Kerim,

There is a quite big difference in the leakage current for DOUT-A to DOUT-C compared to DOUT-D to DOUT-E.
DOUT-D to DOUT-E are designed to work with smaller loads and to work with LED:s where a low leakage current is needed.

You can find the specified leakage current in the Appendix A of the MC3 instruction book:

On incandescent lights I have eliminated this problem with a load resistor in parallel with the light terminals.
I'm not sure how this would work with LED's. you'd have to experiment with resistor values.
another option is to drive the coil of a relay from the DOUT and run the lighting load through the relay contacts.