Difference between XC21, XC22 and XC23

Kevin 9 years ago in Expansion modules / XC2x updated 9 years ago 3
What are the differences between these modules? There doesn't seem to be any information online or in IQAN Design user manual.

Under review
Information available on http://www.parker.com/ecd now. Click Find Products > Controllers.

Here's a short summary:

The XC21 is an expansion module with up to 20 inputs (DIN/VIN) and 8 Low side DOUT (low current 300mA). It is designed for in-cab or protected exterior use (IP32).

The XC22 and XC23 are variants of the XC21 designed for outdoor use (IP66). XC22 has no voltage inputs, whereas XC23 has the same I/O setup as the XC21.

Are the XC22 and 23 units available now or still in prototype stage?