MD4-7 Display stuck into restart mode

Vishal Pipaliya 2 years ago in Master modules / MD4 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 2

MD4-7 is stuck into this mode even when power cycling display. Anyone had si

Image 3404

milar issue? Any suggestion would help.

After power cycling few times, display behavior changed from blue screen to black screen as shown below. 

Image 3405

As a very general troubleshooting step, try bypassing the application: 

By removing the IdTag and then powering up, the MD4 will start without loading the application. 

You can then send a different application, for example a version of the same application upgraded to a later IQANdesign. 

The first photo is a bit blurry, but it looks like the version is 5.03.

The second image looks worse. It could be a rare case of flash memory corruption that can only be prevented with software updates before it occurs, but where the module needs to be reprogrammed if it has occurred. See release notes 5.08 and release notes 6.04 

If bypassing application and then loading a newer version does not solve the issue, the module may need to be returned for to have it recovered.