Clone display to iPad/mobile/3rd Party display

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Are you aware of any solutions to use a mobile or any 3rd party display to present the information that's visible on the MD4. No input are supposed to take place, its more about presenting data visible to people around the machine. In this case a saw mill where the MD4 are located inside a control room limitied to the operator.

Ideal would be to have a wireless solution.



Have you had a look at the Iqan G11 Bluetooth module along with the IqanGO mobile APP?

This is something we try and implement on each and every machine we build that is running an Iqan control system. It makes updating, setting parameters and monitoring the control system very quick and convenient.

The IqanGO APP is not as graphical or customizable as you would have on the MD4 display, but all the relevant information that needs to be seen from the system can easily be made accessible to be viewed on the APP that is connected via Bluetooth.

I have a machine that has an MD4-10 as its main display. On an excavator I have another MD4-10 using wireless canbus to talk to the first over a dedicated canbus channel using J1939 so that I can clone the displays and establish which of the 2 is the master for control and the other that is used for display purposes only. 

Its an expensive solution, cause the MD4-10's aren't cheap and the wireless solution was even more expensive than the display, but for reliability .....it just works....

I answer in that over time many have discussed using tablets or PC's etc as you have asked but we are where we are....

For the IQAN Strategy team this is the way we are developing for some of our clients to give them complete flexibility over choice of display. I agree that this does not help MD4 sales but nevertheless:

-Run the display part of the application as an App. The customer can then choose to run the display on low cost tablets or high end ruggedised displays.


-Provide browser support on an embedded controller and run the display part of the application in a browser. This means you can login to the embedded controller with any device that supports a browser.

Off topic, the Parker IoT Cloud Platform with the Gateway could have been an option here, customer thought about it but it was quite early rejected due to terrible cell service inside the buildings.

A solution could be as simple as having a rasberry pi behind a TV cloning the MD4 display, getting the info over Wifi :)

This has nothing to do with customers want to use low cost displays, its about presenting data from IQAN over wifi to a 2nd, 3rd or 4th display similar to how its done on the industrial side with PLCs and control rooms! Maybe something like this: https://peakboard.com/en/us/

Oh this is great. Thank you for sharing the peakboard link and also making mention of the Parker IoT Platform, this seems quite useful.

I am now very interested in this Iqan IoT platform. We will probably obtain one these modules pretty soon to see how well it works. This is seemingly an excellent solution for a lot of our application. 


There are many rugged displays available on the market with J1939 built in, you could send any data you want from an MD4 and display on these.

Of course a regular intel compute stick, raspberry pi or android tablet could also be used with the appropriate can<->ethernet converter and then connected to any monitor from 19" to 80".