Controlling 9V/2.7A prop valve with MC4X

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Has anyone tried to control a D1FBE01HC0NMWO (9V/2.7A spool) with a PWMOUT, if so what is the performance like? The rating for COUT is 2.5A so I will have to utilize the PWMOUT HS. I have read that COUTs allow the best performance with solenoid.

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I agree that the MC4x COUT is not the right choice for the 9 V solenoid code "M" on D1FB. Or the other way around, that solenoid code "M" isn't the right choice for MC4x COUT.

But I would argue that the ability to reach 2.7 A (to get full flow) isn't the main issue. 

The main problem I see is the risk that the peak current become too high, due to the low resistance of the D1FB with 9 V coil, only 2.7 ohm according to the catalog.

Image 3485

With a solenoid designed for 9V in a system operating at 14 V, the maximum load (specified in MC4x instruction book) is exceeded. 

Image 3486

The COUT controls average current by increasing/decreasing the modulation ratio, but with this load the peak current can easily become higher than the module can measure, triggering an overload error. 

The MC4x PWM out HS could be an alternative (just remember to use clamping diodes), but the PWMOUT channel is open control; without any compensate for variations in temperature or supply voltage.

To have the benefits of a COUT, what about selecting a variant of the D1FB with solenoid code "K" instead? 

Thanks Gustav for the insight. We had chosen the D1FB code "M" variant due to availability. Since reading your response, we are looking into the code "J" option, as the components on our stand run on 24V.