Can PWM outputs be programmed to send 0-10Vdc signal?

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I have been doing some research and configuring a CANopen module to send a 0-10Vdc signal to run a prop valve. I have now been told that a PMW output on the MC4x and XC4x can be programmed to output 0-10Vdc. I wanted to confirm that is correct as I have seen in the forum that you are unable to send out that signal type. 


you can vary the mark/space ratio and pwm frequency on a pwm output but not the voltage which will be at near enough the module power supply voltage ( unless someone knows otherwise?)

Anything done to reduce this with external resistors etc would be a bodge at best

Use a proper can to analog converter- there’s plenty out there

If you know the resistance of the coil, just calculate the current and use a current output.

If 21 OHM, 10VDC = 476mA.

These are valve driver outputs, so you should be fine driving a valve.


I believe the question is for interfacing with an on-board electronic valve driver for and industrial valve? 

The PWM out HS outputs on MC4x/XC4x are only configurable to up to 500 Hz. 

Another problem will be the leakage current. 

You will probably need external components to get it to work, both to have enough pull-down resistance and to get enough hardware filtering. 

My advice would be to spec the valve without the OBE, and drive regular coils with COUT. 

Would it be physically possible to increase PWM frequencey to 1kHz if there is a small load?

Even if there is leakage current it would be very useful to have.