XC4x Firmware Updates

Chris Litwin 1 year ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 4

Say you have a brand new XC43. The firmware installed from factory is 1.0 (I think). How many times will the firmware update before reaching the current version of 1.03?

Also, the XC4x SIC module status lists a value of 140 as Firmware update. From the documentation that means the firmware update failed. Are there any other status values pertaining to the firmware? 

What are the different values possible in the system info "InternalState" and is this channel accessible in the project?

The XC4x modules are currently shipped with 0.22

It only takes one update to get to the current version 1.03. After going to 1.03 two restarts are also required (see description of blink codes in instruction book Appendix B). 

The status Firmware update (140) can take two meanings depending on where you see it. 

Image 3566

If you see it on the module status (or MDGN status channel), it means the module needs a firmware update. 

When you see it in the system log, it means the update was successful.

The master checks the firmware in XC4x each startup, and sends the update if versions aren't matching. 

If your system does not update one or more of the XC4x modules, it could be this C4x module is not powered up when the master module starts. 

For the question about "Internal state". This is not accessible as a channel, but the normal cases will have an equivalent MDGN status. 

-Internal state "unknown" is before the master has had contact with the XC4x. MDGN status will show No contact

-Internal state "FW update required" means the module is connected but needs a firmware update. The MDGN status will show Firmware update.

-Internal state could also be "Config" followed by an error code. That is an unusual error that means the I/O configuration has failed.

-Internal state "OK" is when everything works.