MD4 temperature

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We are in Thailand where average temperature is 35 degree Celsius.

We have 2 MD4 on 2 project, they are hot when running, internal sensor tell 52 degree Celsius minimum most of the time. It is really hot on the finger, our customers are a little worried.

We also have MD3, they are also at more than 50 degree but we don' t feel it on the buttons.

Does all the MD3/4 get hot like this? Is there recomendation to reduce that?
That is a good question, a lot of people have asked me about that.

Yes, it is normal for the internal temperature sensor to be about 10-20 °C above ambient air temperature.
The MD4 is rated for up to 70°C ambient air temperature, so at that temperature there is still margin to not overheat the internal components that are rated to +85°C or higher.

On the MD4, the bonding of the display glass means that there is no air-gap, so the heat dissipation is felt more on an MD4 compared to an MD3. The largest contributor to both the internal temperature and the surface temperature of an MD4 is the backlight setting. If you are worried about the temperature, you can reduce the backlight.

Below are some thermal images with the same scaling, for 100%, 70% and 40% backlight on an IQAN-MD4-7

100% backlight, 24°C ambient air, internal 44°C, max surface 49°C

70% backlight, 24°C ambient air, internal 39°C, max surface 43°C

40% backlight, 24°C ambient air, internal 36°C, max surface 36°C

We are making Mobile lane supporting installations. These machines are standing on the high way. They are often deals with high and low temperatures. We had two times that the MD4 was frozen. Display and software.  The surface was very hot for the fingers. Not touchable. When we measured the temp with a external temperature sensor. We found out that the display and software was functioning again when the temperature of the surface of the display become below 60,5°C. Is it possible that the MD4 freeze on high temperatures -:) ??

Kind regards Laura

What do you mean by "freeze" ? 

Is it black?  Do the machine functions still work? 

Although it is not so good to place the display directly in the sun, the surface temperature you measured is way below the limit for the heat-tests an MD4 is put though.