Current leakaje XC42/43/44

Jesus 11 months ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated by chuck streb 3 months ago 4

Hello, I have a current leakage problem in the XC-43 and XC-44 modules.

I am using Digital Out HS outputs to drive LED blinkers, but they don't turn off completely, there is a 5.8V voltage leakage. The flywheel diode is installed but we have had to install some power resistors in parallel to get them to switch off completely. The same problem has appeared when connecting a buzzer to Digital Out HS.

I haven't tried it myself, but it was posted recently if using a DOUT LS (instead of HS) on the MC4x or XC4x and you turn off the open load detection it will stop the leakage.



The XC44 has 5 digital outputs without open load detect, these give a significantly lower leakage. 

Image 3826

On XC42 and XC43, all digital out highsides have an internal pull-up used for open load detect that cause a leakage current. 

Thanks for the explanation Gustav.

Hard way to find out about leakage. I have a MC42. I take 3kohms pull down to get it down