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MD4-10 Blue Screen while Ethernet Disconnect

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We are using a MD4-10 (IQAN-6) as main controller for our vehicle. Recently, a bluescreen appeared while we were disconnected from the vehicle via the controller's ethernet port connexion; we were measuring. When it disconnected, I also felt a small static shot from my laptop (I don't know if this is related to the error but it is something I have noticed when it happened). The error code is os_error(0x1000002) with run fault pid 90131. I have looked on IQANForum and I have seen this error before but not from the same source.

We are fixing the wire ethernet connector on the vehicle but is this something that has a precedent ?

Have you seen this type of error before?

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Thanks for the support.


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That is interesting. 

When seeing the error code os_error(0x1000002), I am wondering if this might be an application that sends a lot of outgoing messages. You can provoke a similar error if you make an application that tries to send more than 100% on a CAN bus. 

Just disconnecting the Ethernet during an ongoing measurement should not cause this. But maybe there is a combination of factors. 

Hi Gustav,

Thank you for your support. I wanted to add some information to what we noticed surrounding this fault.

Am I wrong in stating that the "signal 6" comes down to the stopping of a process, either "drv_CanInt" or similar CAN driver?

I'm asking because this MD4 is the main controller for this system.

So this fault seems to have disturbed many other CAN communications when the MD4 froze,
to the point of requiring a hard reboot.

Sending more than 100% load on a CAN bus is an interesting test!
I'm wondering if this test could relate the hardware layer,
meaning that the rare occurence of a static discharge could overload the CAN bus?

I'm always worried with static discharge in general,
so any help to troubleshoot the cause is appreciated


Thank you Gustav for the interest. Our CAN channels don't go over 60% utilization in normal conditions. This issue never happened before even when the CAN channels were not optimized and the utilization was way higher than 60%. The element that ended up causing the error seems to be the unplugging but as you mentioned it might be a combination of factors since this type of unplugging happened before without any issues like this happening. 

As my colleague Christian suggests, could it be caused by static ?

Thanks again.

Not reproducible

The discussion on this one continued off-forum.

To give a general answer here; yes, a symptom like this might be triggered by disturbance, but then it is only some combination of factors. With good grounding of a the module it will withstands high levels of ESD (see Appendix A info for tests) 

If the module grounding is weak then ESD is more likely to cause a problem. To look for installation issues, a recommendation is to check the wire gauge and connection points between MD4 ground and -BAT.

Hello again,

The bluescreen issue reappeared today. Nothing was really out of the ordinary this time, it just appeared while our vehicle was idle. On the bluescreen, it notably

mentions 2 things:
- Unable to attach to pci server : No such file directory (followed by dm0 and dm1)

- ti014x_findphy: 554 - No PHY found (followed by PHY init failure)

It is also good to note that the date changed from March 11 to October 13 and then came back to March 11 as seen on the screen.

Please let us know if you have any insight on this issue and can this still be something caused by bad grounding as you mentioned before.

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