DOUT voltage when not enabled

Kai Rasporich 1 month ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 1


I am having some trouble with the Parker MC41. I have a display button on another MD4 that enables / disabled the output on Pin 45 (DOUT-HS). I am seeing a proper system voltage of 12.26V when the value is true, however when I set it to false Pin 45 goes to 11.68V. Is this normal behavior? Should I have some sort of diode in there to get the desired on/off I am expecting?

Thank you.


The leakage current for the MC4X's is very high to allow for error checking (open load etc.) If there's no load there - the leakage current will give you almost system voltage.  We had to use the HS+LS outputs for very low current (solid state devices) or use a high side and a low side output with opposite logic connected together (to ground the output when off) if you want to pass use an output to send to another computer system.