MC42 supply

hongxiang yu 7 months ago in Master modules / MC4x updated 7 months ago 3


  I have a project MC42 for embedded Simulink models which is only possible in MC4x. But I got a information that Parker do not produce MC42 module anymore.  Is that true ?  If yes, Have any solution for simulink models in IQAN ?   

No, that is not true. 

Did you hear it from a distributor or a Parker sales representative? 

Ok,Thanks. It is important for us to choose a propoer module.

 The sales representative told me and recommanded MC42FS but we know Simulink models is still impossible in MC4xFS module.

By the way. Could you briefly share or introduce some information about MC4x and MC4xFS what are they main difference.  I knew MC4xFS has certification of SIL 2.  That means MC4x can't manage safety related functions ?  If only make CAN communication but no any input/output PINs associated functions that MC4x and MC4xFS will be the same ?