Not reproducible

firmware g12

chuck streb 7 months ago in Gateways / G11/G12 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 7

i am starting to use the g12's for the first time. they freeze in the middle of uploads.

do you have ability for updates and how do you do it.

we probably bought about 20 of these

another note, we have used g11's up to this point with zero issues

We have also noticed stability issues with G12. Particularly when accessing using IQAN Run. In one application I actually changed back to a G11 as the passkey didn't seem to accept and the connection appeared more stable. There was a topic I raised about this recently.

Is there support on the board any longer?


If you need more direct support with troubleshooting your system, please reach out to your local Parker sales representative or distributor. They might not be able to answer right away, but could put you in contact with one of the regional application engineers. 
In such off-forum discussions with a regular support contact, you might be able to disclose details about your system, for example how the bus layout looks and what software versions you are using.


IQANRUN 7.0 seems to have fixed the issue. I was running

Not reproducible

Not clear what the problem was, but seems solved.