More (HS)* (LS)* MC43FS

Dartagnan Léonard 6 months ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 3


I have a applciation with alots of safety control Dout. 

Like i could read a the page 97 and 99 of the instruction book manuel of the MC43FS. 

We can have 5 Dout.

In safety function we need to combine one HS and one LS pin to a output. 

In Dout i have acces to 5 direcly and would need 6. 

I would like to know if it is possible to use the pin C2:71 HS and combine with a other LS for example C2:16 ? 

Else my other solution would be to use Cout as a ON/OFF signal output unidirectional. 



Unfortunately the output combinations on MC43FS are fixed. 

The solution will have to be to use a COUT. 

Like i can reed in the instructionbook in page 88 of MC43FS. 

A Cout can be use in safety fonction for activating a ON/OFF coil. 

If this is respected (See image) ? 

Image 4087

Image 4088

Image 4089

Do you have more condition to respect ? 

I need to be sure i respect all the SAFETY FUNCTION requirement in my application.

Thank for your time ! 

Correct, the current range must be respected. That means on-off valve coils should be fine, while relay coils could be a problem.

In the regular case where a COUT is used for proportional valve, it is common to have it adjustable so then the rules for limits and access protection of adjust items will apply. For an on-off application of COUT, this could be easier to handle by setting fixed currents in the application.