Driving Low Dither Frequency Valves with XC4x Current Outputs

Justin Wagner 3 months ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated 3 months ago 2

Has anyone had any success controlling valves that specify a low dither frequency below 71Hz with the XC4x current outputs?

We have a machine that is using a HAWE valve that specifies a dither frequency of 40-70Hz with 55Hz recommended. It also gives a range of dither amplitude of 20%-50%. The minimum frequency of the Cout channels on the XC4x modules is 71Hz. I'm sure 1Hz is not going to make a big difference if we set the frequency to 71Hz, but just wanted to see if anyone has had any similar experience or other recommendations. Just trying to avoid any possible stiction/hysteresis/chattering issues.

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We had a similar project using these solenoids for a project recently. I had exactly the same concern with frequency not matching and Hawe said not likely to be a issue as they have many Parker IQAN system driving these solenoids with no issues. On commissioning there was no issues and with IQAN set to 71Hz, no stiction issues or chattering present, you will be fine. We used MC43FS but believe its the same COUT hardware as the XC4x range.

Thank you for the response. Great to hear a successful real world application.