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How to upgrade firmware for Iqan-xc42

Troy Greener 1 month ago in Expansion modules / XC4x updated by Mitch H 1 month ago 5

How do I upgrade the firmware for my xc42?

download latest version of Iqan run then reinstall your application using this latest version of Iqan run- all modules on your network requiring firmware updates will automatically receive them as part of the flashing process

Actually, the version of IQANrun will not matter.

What is important is the version of the project file, this is from the version of IQANdesign. 

At startup, the IQAN master module will try to update XC4 expansion to the expansion firmware it holds. 

If you for example have the master module on 7.02, it will try to send XC4 firmware 2.01.

The IQAN master will try to perform this update at every startup. 

Let me expand on this a bit more. We have an MD4, 2x LC5, XC42, and XC41 in our system. MD4 connects to LC5s fine and the program boots up normally. We connect the XC42 and things start going haywire. First is noticeably we receive the boot screen instead of our program (see picture). Second, it gives us a 3 red 1 amber flash error code on the XC42. We are on 6.08 and are not currently looking to upgrade to 7.02. As we have not seen this type of error we are looking for direction as to where to look for problems. We can connect the XC41 into the system without issue. 

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The screen that shows "os_error" on the MD4 is an error screen that indicate the MD4 has stopped. 

XC4 showing 3 red 1 yellow (no contact) follows as a consequence of this. 

I believe the problem could be that the MD4 tries to send too many messages onto the CAN  bus, a situation where it would give >100% busload if this was possible. 

What is the MD4 application cycle time? What is expansion bus polling cycle time set to?

What bus/buses are the expansions connected to? 

If you run a short application cycle time, you may need to change expansion bus polling cycle time to reduce CAN bus load. 

Connected to CAN A is an Exp to 2 LC5 and an HS Exp to a XC42 and CX41 (250kpbs, Default polling) 

Connected to CAN B is a Diag to G12 

Connected to CAN C is a J1939 to Reddot ECU (250kpbs)

Connected to CAN D is a Generic (CANOpen) to VFDs (250kpbs)

We have multiple machines in the field with this exact program or a slight variation (IE extra joystick configuration for X and Y Axis). This os_error is only after cycling power, if the XC42 is connected while the MD4 is on it produces the firmware error. shown in design as it is connected and recording from from the MD4.