MC3 Module Input Error

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I have a drill rig (Geoprobe 6712DT) which has an MC3 Module installed. Recently, the hydraulic pump would intermittently would stop building operating pressure, and the only workaround I can find is to bypass the MC3 Module and manually force the pump to build pressure. The Module is giving me a 1:2 error code, or "Input" error. Could someone help elaborate what this error could mean in the general sense? Any info would probably help with my troubleshooting. I'm guessing it could be something as simple as a loose wire, but I can't seem to find any so far.

The drill rig comes with the MC3 Module installed, and has worked fine up until recently. The manufacturer doesn't really provide any troubleshooting in regards to said module, so I'm kind of just winging it. The manual for the module tells me that it is an Input Error, but I'm not really sure what could be causing that.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out. My apologies for being somewhat ignorant as to this thing... I'm just a humble driller.


The input error on IQAN modules is generated when a VIN's input signal is outside the expected range. This means that if the VIN is set up to read, say 500-4500 mV, then if the input signal is above or below this range, the error will be generated. I cannot say what the mV range is set up for in the Geoprobe machine, but the error is most likely caused by one of two things, low or no voltage on the VIN or the VIN is shorted to power in some way and therefore providing a voltage signal above the setting range. I would recommend checking the voltage feeding the VIN pin.


Thank you so much for the reply. Very helpful. I've received some feedback from Geoprobe as well, and once I clear this paperwork off my desk, I'm going back out to troubleshoot. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to help with this. Once I get this figured out, I will post a resolution in case someone else has a similar issue. Thanks!!


maybe you found in the manual, all analogue Inputs are on connector no. 2, digital inputs on connect no 3.

If you are able to see the MC3 lights (which blink yellow and red). Can you say what the color flash counts are? ie long single yellow blink followed by two faster yellow blinks? or long single yellow blink followed by two faster red blinks?