MC41 as slave

Krzysztof Bręk 8 years ago in Master modules / MD3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 1


It will be possible use MC41 IQAN module as a slave?

How use MC41 and Panel MD3 together in same project?


The IQAN-MC41 is a master module, meaning that it will need to be loaded with an application.

There is no expansion module version of the MC41 available.

To use it together with an IQAN-MD3, the best method is to create a multi-master project.

Each master runs its own independant application, but they are connected on the diagnostics bus. From the IQAN-MD3 display one is able to access diagnostic data on the IQAN-MC41 automatically without having to set up any CAN messages manually.

It is best to place as much as possible of the machine control application in the MC41, this will minimize the need for sending CAN messages with real time performance between the modules.

To send real-time data between MD3 and MC41, one can use either the master bus, which will take up quite a lot of bandwidth, or design more optimized CAN messages using J1939.