Ethernet Communication Port

Chris Prestley 8 years ago in Master modules / MC4x updated by ham m 3 years ago 4

With the new MC42 and MC43 master modules, I see you have the ability to communicate via Ethernet communication port. Where can I find this part? Image 617


Quick update. I just cut a Ethernet cable and wired it to the MC4 and it worked great. So any sort of Ethernet cable or port will work as long as it is wired correctly.


One proposal is to use a standard M12 D-coded panel mount like in this picture. This works good for prototyping purposes but might not be an optimal solution for serial production. Can be purchased from multiple online web-stores that carry electronics supplies. The picture below is just one example what it can look like. If the panel mount has flying leads it is of course an advantage.

With this installed you can use our standard accessories to connect with the computer.

I take the opportunity to push for our standard accessories available :)


Per the data sheet, 

"The Ethernet port is used for uploading/downloading applications and diagnostics and is designated for computer communication."

Does this mean that I can send Ethernet packets between a computer and the MC43's Ethernet port and the MC43 can convert the packet data to CAN data (frames)?  If so, are there any limitations in using this configuration versus using a separate ETH/CAN converter between the computer and MC43's CIN / COUT pins?


i have iqan mdl2.

i connect  to it by iqanrun via can port.

when i want get application, password needed. i added safe password. but problem did not solved.

i can  send you remote control  by alpemix.

can you help me?