F3+F4+Up buttons problem in MD3.

Nuri ALAŞAHİN MPG 8 years ago in Master modules / MD3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 1

I am using IQAN design V3.19.7.4013. When I pressed F3+F4+Up buttons in MD3 same time, openning the main menu page. But I don't want this. This is a problem for me. What can I do for this.

You can see this problem the following video.

Youtube video

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The MD3 keypad buttons are multiplexed, so it is not possible to use all of them independently.

You can use any combination of the function keys (F1-F4), and any combination of the control keys (Up, Down, Ok, Menu, Esc), but when making combinations of function keys and control keys there will be problems.