Software news: IQANdesign 5.06

IQANdesign 5.06 is now released.

  • Fixing a 5.05 problem for systems with IQAN-MC4xFS and IQAN-G3 modem. See description here.
  • Adding support for GT modem on systems with IQAN-MC4xFS. (previously introduced in 6.01

Compatibility notes:

IQANsimulate 5.06 is also released. 

The update is completely compatible with IQANrun 5.05 and IQANscript 5.05 (both these programs can still be used for opening IQANdesign 5.06 files), therefore there was no need to release updates of IQANrun or IQANscript. 

Also see release notes:

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