Channels are arbitrarily moving on the function group pages. Currently using IQAN Design

Keith Boone 5 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 3

The channels are arbitrarily relocating to different positions on the function group configuration screens.

It happens when I leave and return back to that function group.    The channels always move in a vertical direction (y-axis) and sometime have moved in the sideways (x-axis) direction.    It varies from all the way to the top of the page, to the bottom of the page and anywhere in between.    

I'm not sure if it's related to the IQAN Design revision updates, but it does seem to be getting progressively worse.

How can I stop this?

Hello Keith.

Is this happening after you have done a simulation?

We had issues with channels seeming to move when the zoom functionality was used.

Improvements were done in 5.04 to fix the moving channels but looks like it is not perfect.

When you have the view zoomed and then switch function group with simulator running you still have an issue with the channels not being zoomed correctly. after stopping the simulator the channels get moved to the correct positions, but they are not zoomed correctly so it looks like they are in the wrong position. If you then move them manually to what looks like the correct position and then go out and back in the the group the channels will have been move as much as you did, but from the original position.

This can be avoided by zooming one step either way when entering a group to get the correct size and position for channels.

We will need to make more improvements here.

Hi Thomas,   

I have not done a simulation when I see this happening.    But, it does happen when I use the zoom.   If I move a channel while zoomed and then go to a different function group,  When I return to the original function group some channels may or may not have been moved.    

I have even seen it happen when I scroll up or down far enough that the channels are out of view without ever leaving the function group. .  When I scroll back to the original position channels are sometimes moved.  

Another thing that I have noticed sometimes is when I click the "undo" icon,  it will undo a move, but it will be in an entirely different location.   

Thank you for responding. I never tied it together with the zooming until now.


There was another post about the undo move, it will happen on the shadow of a public scope channel


Perhaps this is what you see? This is being fixed in 5.05 and 6.01 (both versions coming out soon)

The 5.05 release also have some additional fixes on high DPI displays, might be related.