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The new IQANgo app is now available on App Store and Google Play.

With IQANgo, the functionality of IQANrun for tablets and IQANsync is merged into one app, designed for both phones and tablets.

Main features


The IQANgo user interface is adapted to fit the screen size on phones, including graph measure.


IQANgo can be used for adjusting items that are available in any adjust group in the system, similar to IQANrun for PC with a more compact user interface.

Protected adjust groups can be accessed through user login.

Send, Get and Manage files.

Send updates to machine using project-, clone- or settings files.

Tapping any of these attachments in a mail program or file explorers will launch IQANgo. In cases where this does not work, put the file under the IQANgo folder on the device.

Get clone, settings and log files.Files are stored under the IQANgo folder on the device.

-Manage and email files stored locally on the device.


Logs can be viewed, saved (IQANrun log file or CSV) or emailed.


Connect to machines using WiFi, Bluetooth or via Internet.

Local connections via

  • Bluetooth (IQAN-G11)
  • WiFi

Connection to remote system via internet using IQANconnect

Remote assistance -connect to internet

Connect machine to internet via IQAN-G11 - IQANgo app - IQANconnect

When connected, the app provides an IQANconnect key that can be emailed to a user of IQANdesign/IQANrun/IQANgo. 

No license needed

IQANgo is available on Google Play and Apple App Store as a free app, no license is needed.

Advanced users connecting via Internet to remote machines need an IQANconnect license, same license as for IQANdesign and IQANrun for PC can be used.

IQANgo combine all features from the previous Android/iOS apps, IQANsync and IQANrun for tablet, including pro-features. These apps are no longer needed and will be replaced by IQANgo.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

I should probably mention something about performance also. 

During the beta period I have been running the app on an a relatively old device, an iPhone 5s, which isn't exactly the most modern phone. But even on a slow device like that, the app works really well. The one thing that you might experience is limitations on the graph measure. 

With a short cycle time and many measure items, drawing the graph measure can be tough on an older device, especially when the connection is fast. We already have ideas on how to speed up the graph measure for 6.03. 

Gustav, does the yellow menu bar at the bottom only show up when you are connected to a system? All I can see is a bit of yellow but no buttons, but I'm not connected.

Yes, before you are connected you see the main menu, when you are connected the buttons for System info, Logs, Measure and Adjust show up. 


To make it easy to try out the IQANgo app if you don't have a connection to a system of your own at the moment, I set up a demo system. Info on how to connect here: https://forum.iqan.se/knowledge-bases/2/articles/2394-iqanconnect-demo-machine


Thank you!! You have done us well....again!!! Used it this morning and works very well!

How do i add an already purchased IQANconnect license? to connect over the internet.

If you have the email with the .iqd license file, the easiest way is to tap on the attachment to copy the license to IQANgo.

If this method does not work (it depends on the mail client), you can instead copy the .iqd license file to the IQANgo folder 

on your device. 

Android folder is

Documents > IQANgo Files

iOS folder is

On My iPhone > IQANgo

Then open IQANgo -Manage files, click the .iqd and select import data file

Will IQANsync be discontinued in the near future?

From what I understand, IQAN go will replace IQAN run / sync moving forward.  I do not think these apps will be supported anymore.

If when a user goes to update their IQAN run / IQAN sync app, it would automatically install IQAN go to make is seamless.  Not sure if that is the plan.

Ok, thank you Edward. Gustav, can you please confirm this?

Sorry, I also meant to say that "it would be nice if it automatically"...

Yes, IQANgo will replace both IQANsync and the Android/iOS version of IQANrun. 

The installation can't be completely automatic since it is a different app, but we'll try to make something easy that points the users to the IQANgo. 

When using Outlook mail on an iPhone it is not possible to request a safe password. "there was an error sending email"

Could you please make it so iQANgo can send email through Outlook or at least make it possible to copy the public key to clipboard, file or SMS.

The iOS version of the app is currently only using the  iOS built-in Mail app for emailing the public key (same for sending files from e.g. the manage files menu) 

If you can configure the Mail app so that it can be used, that should work. 

But I agree that it would be much nicer with a selection for which app to use to share the public key. 

We also have a problem on Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F with Android 10.

IQANgo failes to create the folder on install.

Trying to open a file from mail program gives error "cannot save file"

After using file manager and manually creating the folder "Internal storage\Documents\IQANgo Files" it works as expected.

What folder on an iphone does IQANGo look at when you click on Send To Machine?


Never mind.  I discovered it looks at the IQANGo folder which is automatically created when the app is installed

Is there a way to get all the logs and settings from the machine at once?  Basically - We need a clone without all the operating systems.  It would make it much quicker to get and email.

If not can this be added to a future release for IqanGo and IqanRun?