6.08 Application Load Error

Jon Coopland 1 year ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 year ago 1

I'm currently working on a dual master system using IQAN Design 6.08.24. When loading an application with 24V DIN on C2:1 or C2:2 it stalls at the finalizing and doesn't go through the restart, And when cycling the power it gives an error for an incorrect address tag. I tried loading the same program on another machine and had the same results, Unless the C2 was unplug or if I used 6.07.


From the description, the symptoms sound as if you have version 6.08.22 in your MD4

There is an earlier discussion here Address tag not recognized 6.08 / Software / IQAN 

Are you sure the module got 6.08.24?? That problem should no longer exist in 6.08.24. 

Latest IQANdesign is 6.08.28, see Release notes - IQANdesign 6

One reason you haven't used the latest may be the issue we had with Check for updates, Check failed / Knowledge base / IQAN