Language issue - Chinese character fonts

Richard 11 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 11 months ago 1

Hi, my application includes English and Chinese languages, up until recently I used Arial Unicode MS font for the Chinese language and although it took a while to load it did work. Since updating my Design package from a previous 6.08 iteration to Design 6.08.32 this font is showing as invalid, and when I load an updated IDA file the language does not appear when selected, 

I have tried various fonts - Microsoft YaHei Light, Microsoft YaHei UI, NSimSun and various others, all seem to work in simulation but do not work when loaded to the MD4/7 units.

When I load the old software using IQAN run which has not been updated the Chinese language is there with no errors, however I need to move forward with the design, any ideas?

    You need the font on the PC you are editing the IQANdesign project in. 

    There are some fonts that don't work on the MD4, see discussion here: Language issue MD4 / Software / IQAN

    A comment on selecting fonts is that it is good to avoid using a too large font. There is a discussion on this here,  Start up MD4 and showing start display with delay when … / Software / IQAN, one suggestion is to look at the Noto fonts.