Set date/time from IQANrun 7 on module without RTC

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An other bugs, or bad evolution also in IQANrun 7,

I am using two MC43 on my machines, and I know MC43 don't have RTC.

But I added an external RTC to my project, and to set it, I use IQANrun to set Time and Date in my calculator, and then I can send the good Time and Date in my external RTC.

Each time I start my machine, my external RTC set my calculators and they are with the good time and date.

But now, if I understand well, because using MC43 (without RTC), setting Time and Date is not allowed in IQANrun.

Image 3947

I spend hours and hours to make it working :


Converted to separate topic. 

It is still possible to set a date and time in an MC4 module, but the function to do it from IQANrun is hidden for modules without RTC in IQANrun 7.00. 

A workaround to set it from the PC could be to use a script with the Set Date/Time operation. 

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It would be easier if you allow to set time and date directly in IQANrun, as in previous version.