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IQANrun 7.00 - Bugs report

A DOMS 1 month ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 weeks ago 10


In IQANrun 7, in my adjust group to set current values,

If I select "Positive Direction" or "Negative direction" under MIN CURRENT, I have an error message, when clicking in an other parameter. I have to click cancel or done on the right side of the screen to get out, even when I didn't change anything.

As you can see here, I have my value set to 300mA and I didn't changed it, so I have this error message.

Image 3946

Because if I select "Positive Direction" or "Negative direction" under MAX CURRENT, or START SLOPE, or STOP SLOPE, I haven't any error message when clicking in an other parameter.

It's much better without error messages !

An other bugs, or bad evolution also in IQANrun 7,

I am using two MC43 on my machines, and I know MC43 don't have RTC.

But I added an external RTC to my project, and to set it, I use IQANrun to set Time and Date in my calculator, and then I can send the good Time and Date in my external RTC.

Each time I start my machine, my external RTC set my calculators and they are with the good time and date.

But now, if I understand well, because using MC43 (without RTC), setting Time and Date is not allowed in IQANrun.

Image 3947

I spend hours and hours to make it working :


When I am connected to my calculators with IQANdesign, 

if I open IQANrun, my CAN devices is not detected.

I have to close all my IQAN (design, run, simulate) and open it again to see my CAN adapter :

Image 3950

Not sure if I understand this one. The issue with not seeing CAN adapters sounds as if the adapter was taken by some other program. IQANrun 7 will find the adapters also if you plug them in after IQANrun 7 is started. And it has the function to grab an adapter used by IQANdesign. 

If I am connected to the machine with IQANdesign7, and I try to connect to IQANrun6. This one disconnect IQANdesign automatically and can connect to the machine.

If I do the same with IQANrun7, it don't disconnect IQANdesign7 and tell "no adapters found".

I just checked about what you said, 

If I go in Communication menu and click Disconnect, I can see the adapters on IQANrun7. 

But it is a wast of time when you are changing from iqandesign to iqanrun very often.

Maybe add a shortcut to disconnect quickly ?

Maybe something like SHIFT+F8. We can stop measuring with SHIFT+F7 and disconnect with SHIFT+F8 directly ?
Or allow IQANrun7 to see the adapter if it's connected to IQANdesign without measuring, like IQANrun6 ?


The navigation and lack of Right-Click to do anything in IqanRun 7 for graph viewing seems like as step backwards in usability on a PC (I use a surface pro).  Can right-click commands all be added back?

Besides right-click functionality a lot of keyboard commands seem to be missing. Using left and right arrow keys I can switch between the tabs Menu, System etc but there is no possibility to scroll up and down in the lists or select an item and open it by clicking enter or tab.

In the old version we could select buttons and menus with alt+letter. It was also possible to continuously change an adjust item by just typing in a number on the keypad and hitting enter. This was very helpful when adjusting and testing different values.

I agree, it's very exasperating to do not be able to right click on the graphic to zoom bitween cursors, extend or anything else...

And to not be able to copy value to past it in Excel sheet.

Under review

Good points about right-click and more keyboard shortcuts in IQANrun 7. Added as change requests.