MC31 Error 1:20 ??

David Dufour 5 years ago in Master modules / MC3 updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 9

Anyone have more information about the error 1:20 on a MC31 master module ?

I didn't find anything related to this error.

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On the dialog box, I believe you can read a name that matches one of your logs on the modules. Is that the case?

Hi Gustav,

This issue come from a customer who got this error and asked Parker in canada. They have almost no information/logs as I know. Parker here say there is no 1:20 error... it's a bit confusing!

I'll request the customer to send me the log, if available.



We didn't include this message in the IQANdesign user manual, it is extremely unusual, so that is why PCD didn't know about it.

There must be a display in the system to see the error dialog, and since it said MC31 it must exist at least one log, for example system log. If it is for example the system log, it would say

System log

Error 1:20 

Other looks keep working, the error message pinpoints the log that failed. 

From this info, I can also tell the software version must be 4 or 5. In version 3 the error message was always saying it was a log error,  but didn't pinpoint the specific log or error code. It said:


Failed writing. the log has been stopped. This one:  https://forum.iqan.se/communities/5/topics/1153-log-error

I give a call to them.

Actually, they use iQanDesign 5.03 to develop their interface.

They have more than 100 equipment's running this system and it's only 1 of them who generate this issue.

This error is generated very often on the same day, can bew fews hours or few minutes only between them.

Can it be an internal memory failure or something related to the checksum?

They use 1 - MC31 and 1 MD4-7.

You could try a clear log from IQANrun, but my guess is that it could be physical damage on the flash memory used by the log. 

Then my recommendation would be to replace the MC31. 


I'll ask them to try this or replace the unit.

Thanks for your support.


Hi Gustav,

I got the famous log.

They have lots of error logs for the program (mostly divided by zero) etc.

Are you able to tell me how many write cycle the logging memory is able to do ?



It is really difficult to give a meaningful answer. Individual sections of the log memory,  "pages", are specified to at least 100 000 write cycles, but this does not say that much as log system has some intricate ways to avoid hammering the same part of the memory and retire sections that gets worn. 

I think the application would have to write to the log more or less every application cycle to get to a point where parts of the log memory starts to wear out.